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What is theLoop?

What Is theLoop?

Ever wish there was an online hangout exclusively for pro photographers? Wish granted. That’s right, theLoop is THE social network for PPA members—and it’s waiting for you!

One of PPA’s goals in creating theLoop was to foster a safe place for photographers to chat, share ideas and worries, and discuss sensitive topics like customer service, demanding clients and more. In theLoop, you can do that without the fear of potential customers reading over your shoulder—you have to log in as a member of PPA to access it in the first place!

“The conversations here in theLoop are spot on for the questions I’m asking, and it’s the perfect place to share. I’m not afraid of customers two years from now Googling me and seeing something silly I might have said here. In fact, theLoop is the single feature that will have me paying for PPA membership as far into the future as I can foresee.”

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