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Broken camera? Broken lens?
Don't panic: PPA's got your back
with PhotoCare equipment insurance!

Stuff happens. Accidents happen. Protect yourself with PPA's Insurance Solutions. No other professional photographic association will protect you when things go wrong—only PPA!

Join PPA and Be More Protected

PhotoCare, Broken Camera, Broken Lens

Basic Equipment Insurance

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  • Up to $15,000 of coverage paid for by PPA

  • Loss due to fire, theft, plus photo
    equipment and computer hardware

  • Off-premises or "on location" worldwide coverage

  • U.S. Professional Active or Life members
    are eligible

  • $250 deductible for first loss; $500 for
    second loss; $750 for third loss
    within a 12 month rolling period.
    Additional $250 deductible applies
    to breakage claims

  • Items replaced at depreciated value

More information on PPA’s
insurance partner, Lockton Affinity



Activate Your FREE POLICY Now!
It takes just two minutes! After all, isn't $15,000 in FREE protection worth that much of your time? 

  • Log in to staging.ppa.rd.net

  • Click on "Go To My PPA"

  • Click on "Activate My PhotoCare"

  • Click on "Download Your PhotoCare Coverage Certificate"

Want this coverage? Join PPA.

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Photographic equipment is expensive and $15,000 of coverage may not be enough to cover your inventory. Cost varies according to limit of coverage. PhotoCare Plus gives you the same basic coverage as PhotoCare, PLUS a whole lot more!

  • Up to $100,000 in coverage

  • Coverage includes theft of equipment in unlocked vehicles, mysterious disappearances, and non-PPA member employee coverage (up to $1,000 each)

  • All PPA members in good standing are eligible

  • $250 deductive for ALL losses
  • Full replacement cost on scheduled items

PhotoCare & PhotoCare Plus ComparisonGet Photocare Plus


PPA's Got You Covered

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