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Merits & Degrees

Want to learn more about the recognition and credentials you can earn through PPA? You’re at the right place.

Why earn a degree?
Created in 1937, PPA’s Merit & Degree program (PPA’s longest-standing educational program) works hand-in-hand with our other educational events and competitions, helping you earn a PPA degree that recognizes your achievements in the profession. It means you have met PPA’s standards of excellence and service. More importantly, it provides you with another tool for telling the world—and all those potential clients—why they should call you, rather than the competitor down the street.

After all, you’ll be one of about 2,100 PPA photographers who have earned such a degree…only about 4% of the total membership.

Learn more about the benefits here.

Merit & Degree ProgramA PPA degree is not the completion of a university curriculum; it is a representation of the oldest and largest professional photography organization’s standards of excellence.

Don't forget that you can earn merits by entering a PPA competition.

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