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    What does it take to build a profitable and sustainable photography business?

    Knowledge. Experience. Good old-fashioned hard work.

    PPA’s exclusive, members-only workshops provide you with the vital information you need to strengthen your business foundation. These life-changing workshops are taught by talented photographers who double as profitable studio owners and the information is based on in-depth research and years of experience consulting studio owners, so that you know your hard work will be worth the effort. 

    These workshops are geared toward photographers at any level of business expertise.  Whether you’re building a new business or polishing an established one, the information you’ll gather during this workshop will help propel you to the next level. In this intimate setting, you'll review key concepts that will change the way you think about your business.   

    A path to success includes evaluation of your business strengths, customer needs, and the market’s competitive dynamics. Each of these considerations will impact other areas of your business, including the development of a profitable pricing structure.  Again, this life-changing workshop will empower you to make smarter business decisions, incorporate proven marketing and sales strategies, and establish a successful and sustainable business.

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