FAQsWhat is PPAedu?

Glad you asked! PPAedu is not your typical one-size-fits-all education program. You get 24/7 access to 150+ HD online courses packaged in a true-to-your-needs personalized program based on how you and your business are doing TODAY.

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What is the PPAedu assessment tool?

Through a series of business and photo technique questions PPAedu first determines your skill levels in a variety of areas important to photographic and financial success (e.g. lighting, post capture, and business operations). Then, based on your answers, PPAedu pulls from its library of online courses to build your customized plan, available to you through online videos and webinars and available 24/7 to any PPA member. As you get better (and you will!) PPAedu will adjust this plan based on your learning progress, so after taking several courses, you can reassess any specific area of interest to get a new set of recommendations.
PPAedu's Self-Assessment Tool is THE place to gauge your business and photographic skills at your own pace. The questions in the assessment span photographic and business topics and are designed to deliver personalized curriculum to fit your specific needs, skills, interests and business profile. After the initial assessment, you can choose to re-assess all or select topics, at any time, and receive a new set of recommendations.

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Do I have to take the PPAedu Self-Assessment to watch the online courses?

No, PPA members and PPAedu subscribers can begin watching the online courses immediately. You can browse the online courses by topic or instructor. We do recommend taking the Self-Assessment at some point so that you can get personalized course recommendations to fit your specific needs, skills, interests and business profile.

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Do I earn merits for participating in PPAedu?

Sorry, you won't, as there is no way to measure the level of learning actually integrated from viewing webinars and online courses; however, honing skills that make sense for you with the help of PPAedu will clearly position you to earn merits easier and faster!

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How much does PPAedu cost?

Are you a member? Then nothing! Say hello to your newest PPA membership benefit. (This benefit is not available to Aspiring members; to purchase, see the next line!)

However if you aren't, PPAedu is available at the non-member rate of $150 for three months of unlimited access. If you are an Aspiring member, simply contact PPA to upgrade to the Professional Active membership.

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What are "My Recommendations"?

Personalized recommendations are delivered to your Dashboard after completion of all or a portion of the self-assessment. These recommendations are based on your business profile and photography skill and experience levels. Recommendations are divided into eight topics: sales, finance, lighting, posing, essentials, post capture, operations and marketing. Each time you re-assess a topic area, the corresponding recommendations will reflect your newly-polished skills or the changes in your business specialty.

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What do the different skill levels mean?

The skill levels are assigned based on your answers to the self-assessment.

Beginner – You might be kinda new to the business of running a photography studio. Or maybe you haven’t had the advanced training in particular areas. No worries. We've got you covered.

Beginner/Intermediate – You've made progress in mastering and implementing photography and business skills in general, but there's still room to grow. Keep at it! You're on your way to achieving the level of expertise in particular areas needed for success as a professional photographer.

Intermediate/Advanced – Congrats! Looks like you're pretty darn good. PPAedu is here to help you continue to hone your craft and business skills and to keep you abreast of future trends. You can always be more!

PPA Members and PPAedu subscribers can re-assess at any time in order to receive updated recommendations.

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Who are the PPAedu instructors?

Who are they?! They're the best! PPAedu instructors combine knowledge and real-life experiences to provide tips and techniques that will help you improve your photographic skills and help you grow your business. PPAedu instructors know how to do it because they've done it — and done it well! They are confirmed photographers heading successful studios and regarded in the industry for their specialty.

You can view our full list of accomplished instructors here.

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How do I submit PPAedu Feedback?

Please help us improve PPAedu, the assessment tool and the video courses. We take a close look at all your comments and suggestions to improve the tools, so please submit your feedback, submit a bug, or send a suggestion through this form. Thanks in advance!

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