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The Certification Pathway

Getting your CPP is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Declare your candidacy
  2. Pass the CPP exam
  3. Successfully complete the image submission

You have two years to complete these 3 steps. Follow the CPP Candidate Checklist to guide you through the process.

 1. Declare Your Candidacy

To do this, simply fill out the candidacy form. In this step, you will also need to pay the application $200 fee. Please note that your candidacy won't be officially declared  until your payment is processed.

Once confirmed, your candidacy will be valid for two years. Sign up here! 

Download the CPP candidate fact sheet.    

Start your Certified Professional Photographer Application today.

Note: This payment will appear as on your credit card statement.
If you do not complete the certification requirements during this two-year period you will need to re-apply, pay the fee and re-start the process.

2. CPP Exam

Once you have declared your candidacy you may register for the CPP Exam. To view the exam schedule, register for an exam and find CPP exam resources, visit the CPP Exam Overview page.

3. Image Submission

Already passed your exam? Great! Now submit your images.

You will receive a set of instructions to follow in order to submit your images. You can submit images for review up to three times without incurring any extra charges. Should you not pass the image submission within the first three rounds, you'll simply have to reapply for candidacy, at a reduced cost of $100 to reapply, earning you three more rounds of image submissions and an additional year to complete the process.

Each year, five two-week periods are scheduled to submit images. For more information on upcoming image submission dates and more resources, visit the Image Submission Overview page.

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