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PPA.com Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether you’re a brand-new PPA member or just having trouble getting where you need to go on this site, we have some help for you. Try these PPA.com FAQs on for size!

Why don’t my username and password work anymore?
PPA has recently added a new assocation management system that has changed the way you log in to PPA.com. Members now log in using an email address and a password. PPA members should have received an email with the email address we have on record that is to be used for logging in. If you did not, please contact Customer Service at 800-786-6277 or by email at csc@ppa.com. Then just use the email and password to log in.

I’m a PPA member – How do I log in?
If you’re a PPA member and have already created your profile, just click Log In (red button on the upper right of the site). Enter the email and password you already created to breeze right through.

If you are not a PPA member but would like to create an account for basic access, you can create one here.

I’m not a PPA member – How can I use the Web site?
Even if you’re not a PPA member, you can still access portions of the Web site. Information about events, statements on legal issues, and other items that PPA provides are available for you. However, if you want to get more information, you can register an account on this site…for free! See what you get with Basic Access: a select number of articles, posting to the OurPPA forums, and more. Interested? Register for free Basic Access now!

Of course, to get full access to member-only resources and the entire site (and other great benefits), you need to be a PPA member.

How do I join PPA online?
Ready to join PPA? Just click the Join Now button on the right side (or choose the Join PPA link in the top gray navigation bar). Now you’re on the Join page. On this page, you'll find all the information you need about joining PPA, including membership and payment options

I forgot my username/password. How can I find them?
When you click Log In (in the red button at the top right), the  log in page has a link to help you here. On that page there is a link for “Forgot your username or password? Click here.” You can submit the email that you log in to your account with. The site will then email you your password and steps to change your password.

If you prefer, you can always call the Service Center at 800.786.6277, or contact them via email at csc@ppa.com.

Why do I need a unique email address to create a PPA.com account?
The email address you use to create your PPA.com account has to be unique because we want to keep your personal record more secure. The email that you choose here can’t be in our database for anyone else. So if you share an email with another studio member and they are in PPA’s database with the same email, either you or they will have to choose a different email to attach your PPA records to. You can use any email address for yourself…it does not have to be a business email address.

For instance, you could use a yahoo.com or gmail.com address. Both of these offer free email addresses. Just go to www.gmail.com or www.yahoo.com to sign up for a free email account.

I’m a PPA member - How do I find my Merit Record?
Once you’re logged in (as a full PPA member), you can access your merit record in the My PPA section, which is your landing page after you’ve logged in (and is the first navigation link on the left.) The box in the top left of the My PPA page is called “My PPA Information.” The My Merits page is the first link in that box.

How do I find a certain article?
We feature different articles on pages throughout the site. For example, the PPA Business Resources page features business and finance articles.

To see all the articles, or to find one yourself, go to the Resources section (last navigation link). The left column towards the bottom of your screen should say “Article Library.” That lists all of the article categories available. Click the category you want and browse through those articles to find what you’re looking for. Some articles are in more than one category. For instance, PPA Copyright Inserts can be found in both the Copyright and the PPA Resources categories. In addition, you can also narrow your search by typing in part of the article name in the blank box for Search Terms. For example, if you looked in the PPA Resources category for PPA Copyright Inserts, you could type in “Copyright” as the search term.

Why can’t I access articles? I’m a PPA member.
You may not be logged in. Make sure that you either click the Log in option at the top right, or that it displays your name in that spot. PPA members have full access to all articles and resources on PPA.com.

Contact the Service Center (800.786.6277; csc@ppa.com) if you're not being recognized as a PPA member when you log in.

Why can’t I access articles? I’m not a PPA member.
Most articles cannot be viewed by those who are not PPA members. They are a member-only resource. However, if you have a Basic Access account (the free Web site account), you can access a select few articles.

Don’t have either account? Click here to learn more about both.

Where are the OurPPA Forums?
The direct forum link is: staging.ppa.rd.net/community/forums/. However, you can also get there by clicking the Forum link in the top gray navigation bar or the OurPPA.com Forum button (in the middle of the Home page and at the bottom of the other pages).

Why can’t I post on the OurPPA Forums?
If you are a PPA member or have a Basic Access account with PPA.com, you should be able to post if you are logged in. Please make sure you are logged in (if you are, the red button at the top will display your name). If you are not, please log in.

If you don’t have either a PPA membership or a Basic Access account for the site, you cannot post to the Forums. To learn more about becoming a member or getting free, limited Basic Access, click here.

How do I find Copyright Resources?
There are several ways you can find these resources. The Copyright & Advocacy section has a page entitled “Copyright Resources.” There are many resources listed there with direct links to the PDF documents or articles mentioned. You can also go to the Resources section and search the Article Library by choosing the Copyright category.

How do I find information about upcoming or archived Webinars?
Both PPA members and Basic Access account holders should receive emails with information about any upcoming live Webinars. In addition, you can look for an upcoming Webinar in the Education & Events section (Online Courses page). The Upcoming Webinars column (to the left) displays the online seminars coming soon, and the Archived Webinars column (to the right) displays the archives that are available to you. Just click the name of the Webinar to get specific information.

Where are the downloadable PPA logos?
PPA members can download PPA logos to use in their printed materials and on their Web sites. The downloadable PPA logos can be found in the Resources section. Look in the Article Library (in the left column towards the bottom), and choose the PPA Logo category.

Where are the sample Contracts and Forms?
Exclusively available to PPA members, sample contracts and forms can be found in the Resources section. Look in the Article Library (in the left column towards the bottom), and choose the Contracts and Forms category. Scroll to find what you need…and don’t forget that you may have to click through the pages of articles at the bottom.

Where is the Financial Benchmark Survey report?
Go to the PPAedu section and click the Financial Benchmark Survey menu link. From there you can access the reports for the latest survey by following the 'Benchmark Reports & Resources' link.

Where do I manage my account information (change my password, update my email address, etc.)?
Whenever you (as a PPA member or Basic Access account holder) log in, you will be immediately taken to the My PPA section. The first box (upper left) of this section is called “My PPA Information” if you are a PPA member. It is called “My PPA.com Information” if you have a Basic Access account. That box holds all of your account information that can be managed online.

Can I add PPA’s blog as an RSS feed?
Yes, you can get immediate updates from the PPA Today Blog via RSS feeds. This RSS link is located both on the Blog page and in the quick-links at the bottom of every page.

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