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PPA Allies

Here at PPA, we’re a family. Sound clichéd? Maybe. But we can’t think of a better way to describe a member-owned association of professional photographers that also has a sister photography association, a charitable sibling, and dozens upon dozens of affiliated associations, photography groups and schools.

All of our allies are just as focused on helping photographers succeed as we are, though they all go about it differently: 

  • PPA Charities This charitable, non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization wants to help photographers succeed in their giving! PPA Charities provides a platform and fundraising activities where PPA members can combine their efforts, making a greater impact on the lives of children and families everywhere. 
  • PPA Affiliates – There’s something to be said for an association that other associations want to associate with! PPA’s extended family includes affiliated professional photography groups around the country (and the world) who connect with PPA for greater resources and support.
    These affiliates are great places for photographers to connect and learn with their local colleagues. PPA Charities
  • PPA Affiliate Schools – These immersive schools of photography typically provide photographers with educational ops on a statewide or regional basis during one week of the year…and they are a handy way to befriend your fellow photographers. 
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