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Get to Know Your 2015-2018 Councilors

About the Council

We truly are a member-owned organization. PPA members govern the association through representatives in the PPA Council, which consists of:

  • Elected representatives from each state (under specified conditions)
  • Members of the Board of Directors2015-2018 PPA Council Election Results Link Graphi
  • Chairmen of Standing Committees
  • Group Chairmen
  • Past Presidents of the Association
  • Presidents of PPA International Affiliates

Councilors must be Professional Active, Life or Retired PPA members and can be nominated by a state, local or chapter affiliate; or by 5 individual Professional Active, Life or Retired members of PPA. Elections are held every 3 years (ballots are sent and tabulated electronically), and all PPA Professional Active, Life and Retired members may vote for the individuals who they feel would best represent the membership of PPA.

Once elected, PPA Council members represent all of the PPA members in his or her respective state. A Councilor's duties include attending state and local association meetings, encouraging membership in PPA, and maintaining constant connection between PPA members and PPA headquarters.

Interested in Becoming a Councilor?

Read on to get the details (in other words, the specific duties and responsibilities of Councilors):

  • Attendance at all PPA Council meetings.
  • Be prepared to handle Association business that comes before you at the PPA Council Meeting, which includes, but is not limited to, discussing and voting on changes to the Bylaws and Adopted Procedures and the election of the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.
  • Attend photographic events in your state/province, ensuring a PPA promotional presence or effort at all state/provincial events, particularly the state/provincial convention.
  • Strongly promote membership in PPA at all events attended.
  • Positively represent PPA to your state/province's current and prospective members.
  • Represent the PPA membership of your state/province to PPA.
  • Identify yourself as a PPA Councilor by wearing your Councilor pin at all events.
  • Forward to headquarters the comments and complaints heard from your state/province’s members.
  • Be available via email (email access is required for correspondence from the PPA Board of Directors, Headquarters and other Councilors).

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