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A PPA membership can literally save you
thousands of dollars a year. Don't believe it
costs more to do business without being with PPA?
Read 'em and weep!

...But not too much because all of these
benefits could be yours for just $27.92 a month!


It costs you more to run your photography business without PPA!
Here's how 29,000+ photographers are
already saving more than you:

Benefit + Value
PhotoCare Equipment Insurance $250
Indemnification Trust $450
PPAedu $250
Professional Photographer magazine $27
See The Difference $5,000
PhotoVision Streaming $199
Find-A-Photographer $300
Benchmark Analysis & Tools $350/report
theLoop $129
Imaging USA $399 First year FREE
PPA Insurance Solutions $150- $200
Perks & Savings 10-50% off + freebies
Contract & Copyright Resources
Merit & Degree Program Merits Only
PPA Today E-newsletter
Annual Value $7,350+ $6,700+ $5,600+
Cost per year $323 $246 $194
Cost per month $27.92 $21.50 $17.17

Additional Benefits

Perks and resources that cost a lot of money and that photographers can't access on their own. That's the benefit of being backed by PPA.

Advocacy Over 150 meetings each year on Capitol Hill. No other photographic association is able to do this much work on copyright protection!
Credit Card Processing Deeply discounted credit card processing rates. These savings alone pay for your membership!
PPA Insurance Solutions General Liability, Business Owners Policies and additional equipment insurance at some of the lowest prices for PPA photographers.
General Liability Insurance The best option on the market at $236! That's the power of being backed by PPA.
Certified Professional Photographer Want a new way to market yourself? Work towards a photographic degree or credential that consumers and businesses trust.

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If you're a former member, be sure to log in using your existing PPA account to restart your membership. Been that long since you've logged-in? Contact our Member Care Professionals for help. 800-786-6277.


Membership Types

Professional Active
This is the whole deal! Includes access to all benefits, including online referral database listing, $15,000 PhotoCare Equipment Insurance and one full registration to Imaging USA (in the first year of membership). Professional Active membership applies to individuals who reside in the United States, U.S. possessions & territories. Cost: $323/year with Indemnification Trust (required when portrait or wedding is chosen as a specialty), $288/year without Indemnification Trust.

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Additional Active
For those kind Professional Active members who wish to purchase membership for someone on their staff. A primary member number is required to process Additional Active applications. Additional Actives are not eligible for equipment insurance. Cost: $246/year with Indemnification Trust (required when portrait or wedding is chosen as a specialty), $211/year without Indemnification Trust.

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A limited-benefit version of membership for those who wish to ease into things. Aspiring membership does not include listing in online referral database, is not eligible for PhotoCare Equipment Insurance and is limited to 2 years. Cost: $194/year with Indemnification Trust (required when portrait or wedding is chosen as a specialty), $159/year without Indemnification Trust.

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For our members north of the border! Canadian members can be covered by PPA's Malpractice Protection Program — the Indemnification Trust, which is required for members with a portrait or wedding classification. Cost: $220/year with Indemnification Trust, $185/year without Indemnification Trust.

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A special category for members who do not live in the United States, U.S. possessions or Canada. International Members receive an electronic edition ofProfessional Photographer magazine unless they request the printed version. Cost: $170/year

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Elite and Elite Plus 
Starting January 1, 2014, PPA will offer Elite and Elite Plus memberships to its more decorated members. The new levels will come with special membership benefits and perks, including significant savings, reserved only for the elite. Get the details.

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Life Download the Life Membership application 
A big thank you from PPA for the lifers! Available to those who have been active members for 10 consecutive years or more and have accumulated a total of 95 qualifying years. One qualifying year is awarded for each year of membership and each year of age. Life members have all the rights, privileges, benefits and services as Professional Active members.

Life members:

  • Who classify themselves as wedding or portrait photographers are automatically enrolled in the Indemnification Trust and must pay the annual fee
  • May maintain CPP status by paying the annual fee (and complying with certification policies)
  • May have Additional Active members listed under the Life Member's record
  • Receive complimentary registration for Imaging USA every year (but must register each year!)

Cost:$35/year with Indemnification Trust (required when portrait or wedding is chosen as a specialty), FREE without Indemnification Trust.

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Retired Download the Retired Member application 
For our retired photographers who have been active members for at least 20 years and wish to stay connected. *Retired means you no longer earn income through photography, no longer own a photographic studio, maintain a website or advertise photographic services.

Retired members cannot:

  • Access the Indemnification Trust
  • Be listed in the Find-a-Photographer database
  • Have Additional Active members listed under their record

Cost: $88/year

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Do you have what you need to become a professional photographer? – PPA Student Members do! Backed by PPA you will transition from photography student to profitable pro – seamlessly! Cost: $79/year

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Corporate Membership 
For companies only. Work with Sales and Strategic Alliances to choose between Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels. Cost: contact Sales and Strategic Alliances.

Download the application for Corporate Membership.

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