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PPA Code of Ethics

Ethics. You know…integrity, honesty and all that good stuff. We here at PPA strongly believe in the importance of our members representing themselves and our photographer's association in an oh-so-professional manner. We know you would follow these principles ANYWAYS, but we thought it would be helpful to put them down in black and white.

Honesty Professionalism IntegrityPPA Code of Ethics

As a requirement for admission to and retention of membership and participation in this Association, each member and participant shall agree to use the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity in all relationships with colleagues, clients and the general public.

PPA's Code of Ethics is enforced by the Bylaws, Rules and Ethics (BRE) Committee, which is composed of PPA members. One of the BRE Committee’s responsibilities is to conduct preliminary investigations and due process hearings as necessary for referred matters regarding perceived violations of the Code of Ethics. 

Have a Complaint?

Ethics complaints may only be filed against current members of PPA, so to inquire about the photographer's membership status, please contact PPA's Customer Service Center: 800-786-6277 or csc@ppa.com. To file a complaint against a PPA member please refer to the following documents:

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